psssst 1.300g/m² | white

SKU: RAV1300-W-BBW-1.5X2

psssst 1.300g/m² | white

SKU: RAV1300-W-BBW-1.5X2
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Pleat tape white
Pleat tape white
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40mm eyelets silver
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  • Acoustics from the specialist
  • Various application possibilities
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The psssst 1300g/m² acoustic curtain has soundproofing properties. It can create a clearly perceptible sound insulation with an average value of 16 decibels. Furthermore, the psssst 1300g/m² can be used for thermal insulation and complete light impermeability.

Our 5-layer process is composed of four layers of 100% cotton fabric and a PU film in the middle. The layers made of cotton enable the high degree of absorption whereas the PU foil prevents the acoustic passage.

The psssst acoustic curtain is often used for offices, cinemas and studios, but also to intercept unwanted noise at doors or staircases, as well as for room separation.

To fasten the curtain we offer a choice of metal eyelets or pleated tape.

- 5 layers
- approx. 70% attenuation
- attenuation of 16dB at 100-5000Hz
- very good thermal insulation
- 100% opaque
- opaque

- top edge: 40mm eyelets or pleated tape 50mm wide
- side edges: narrow hemmed
- bottom edge: kept open (edges but hemmed)

The dimensions are approximate, minus the consumption for making up.
The curtain is made to measure only when ordered and is therefore excluded from exchange.

Cotton fabric with PU film, weight: 1300g/m²

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