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Acoustic modules

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The psssst sound absorbers are due to a modular system that realizes the optimization of room acoustics. Through an individual configuration, the absorbers can be designed according to your needs. The selection includes 3 different profile sizes as well as various colors. The symbiosis of solid wood and textile create a unique acoustic improvement.

✓ Assemblable absorbersfor even more variations
✓ Exchange of fabrics for a wide range of colors
✓ Use as wall absorbers or partition wall

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3 sizes, 3 fixings

Our modules are available in the following sizes: 625 x 1250 mm, 625 x 1875 mm, 1250 x 1250 mm. Whether free standing in the room on feet, on casters or hanging on the wall, we have a solution.

3 Wooden strips

Wooden frame: FSC and PEFC certified, from European cultivation, surface processed with organic oil stain based on natural oil wax clear or black.

One fabric, many colors

The fabric is 100% polyester, permanently flame retardant according to DIN EN ISO 354, Ökotex Standard 100, manufactured according to REACH regulation of the EU, piping PVC free made of silicone

Supplied as a kit

The sound absorbers are shipped as a kit. This ensures environmentally friendly and fast shipping. The assembly is very easy and understandable explained in a manual.

Absorption class A

The sound absorbers have been tested and evaluated at the Technical University of Berlin by a certified acoustics office in accordance with DIN EN ISO 354:2003-12. The weighted absorption coefficient is w 0.95. This places the sound absorbers in absorption class A.